Trasimeno Blues

31 Jul

On Saturday we made our way towards Lake Trasimeno to watch the final concert of the 2012 Trasimeno Blues festival held in the small hilltop town of Citta Della Pieve.

The streets were lined with stalls selling mainly home produced goods, clothing etc. After finding an ideally situated bar to partake in an hour or so of people watching, we ordered drinks and made ourselves comforable until the music started……………which turned out to be 10.30pm

The band we had travelled to see were called The Royal Brotherhood, they were definately more rock and roll than blues, but excellent all the same. After the concert we made our way to a bar when along came the drummer of The Royal Brotherhood. Bruce complimented Mike (the drummer) on his performance and chatted long enough to discover a common link to Vermont,  and a number of American musicians  earning himself a free CD!


Italian cookery course

26 Jul

I spent  this morning learning how to make pasta: ravioli, tagliatelli, canneloni and many many more at a local restaurant ‘Calagrana‘ in Spedalicchio.


26 Jul

Today we borrowed Jeff’s American truck  and drove it to a local alpaca farm. The plan is to leave it there so they can fill the back with poo which we will then use on our gardens.

Alpacas are like small lamas, they are gentle and inquisitive creatures. This particular farm rear the alpacas for their fleece which is sent  to Milan for processing.

I am thinking of ‘borrowing’ a few alpacas next year. By borrowing and not owning I can give them back during the winter months.

My Birthday 23.07.2012

26 Jul

Well, this seems a good day to start writing a blog. I was born in 1956 and this year I am 56, so here I am living in the Italian region of Umbertide.

Bruce bought me a beautiful red Porche for my birthday, minature of course, but I keep it on my desk to that I can at least imagine it is full scale!!!!!